Witch Switches, also called Grunty Switches, are switch objects found in every world in Banjo-Kazooie. When pressed, a Jiggy will appear somewhere in Gruntilda's Lair.


Mumbo's Mountain: The switch is found near Conga. After activating it, a Jiggy will appear on the top of the entrance of the level. You must be in the form of a Ticker to retrieve it.

Treasure Trove Cove: This switch is found right behind the lighthouse at the top of the level. It activates a cannon, which shoots a Jiggy on top of the ship at the entrance of the level. You must jump on the cannon on the ship, then on to the deck to retrieve it.

Clanker's Cavern: After raising Clanker to the top of the water, jumping inside his blowhole makes you land right beside the Witch Switch. Once you activate it, the eyes of the Gruntilda portrait floor near Treasure Trove's portrait will rise, then you have to Beak Buster the eyes down, which reveals a Jiggy.

Bubblegloop Swamp: Near the very top of the huts and Shock Spring Pads, the Grunty Switch is hidden inside one of the huts, specifically the platform where 2 pillars are connected. Activating this switch makes the top of the Grunty Statue open up, allowing you to get inside through the top by jumping in the vase in the giant urn room leading you down to a Jiggy.

Gobi's Valley: You can find this switch in King Sandybutt's tomb by exploring the maze; it is in a dead end near the exit. Activating the switch will open up a tomb containing a Jiggy. You must use the jump pad rotating around the vase near the level to obtain it. Activating the Shock Jump pad can be done by a switch, which is revealed by knocking down the bricks near the vase.

Freezeezy Peak: The switch can be found under one of the Sir Slushes. The Jiggy will appear on the top of the entrance to the level. You must activate a switch, which reveals a Flight Pad, and use the Turbo Trainers to get to it as quickly as possible.

Mad Monster Mansion: To find this switch, look on the rafters of the church. The switch will activate a Jiggy on the eye of the Grunty statue near the Freezeezy Peak entrance. You must use the Flight Pad (the same one used to obtain the Jiggy near the Freezeezy Peak entrance) to get to the eye. You then must break the glass with the Beak Bomb to get inside and obtain the Jiggy, or alternatively climb on the statue's hat, jump down to the nose, and use the Rat-a-Tat Rap.

Rusty Bucket Bay: You must climb on top of the crane of the TNT box. You then must double jump and glide onto the pillar which contains the switch. The Jiggy will appear near the underwater entrance, which leads to the Grunty statue (The one which leads to Mad Monster Mansion).

Click Clock Wood: This can be found up on the tree in the Winter season. You must fly to get up there. This activates a Jiggy above the entrance to Grunty's Furnace Fun. In the Spring, you must use the bee to get up to it.

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