A Beta image of Showdown Town. Note the small structure in the mid-section of the pier; this may have led to the Weird West stage.

Weird West is a beta world from Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. This world was said to have a western theme but was not your average western world hence the name "Weird" West. Many speculate that this was the world with polystyrene buildings mentioned long ago. This world is referenced several times in the game by characters in Showdown Town. A villager references Weird West by saying it was once accessible through the boarded up windows and doorways found near the Pier through the following dialogue:

"See all these boarded-up buildings? They used to have doors that led to the Weird West Game World. Legend tells of it being a wondrous place, but alas, it no longer exists."

LOG makes the comment, "You should be grateful, I could've sent you to Hoedown Town. It's awful. The music, the dancing! Oh my!" A penguin in Showdown Town also makes a reference to this world saying, "You know the docks used to be twice as long? There used to be doors that lead to the Weird West game world." Also (and this is just a hypothesis) Gruntilda has two challenges in the Jiggosseum. One of them could have been in Weird West (most likely 9-Ball Nightmare). The supposed Weird west theme is played in the jiggy challenges in L.O.G.'s lost challenges. Also, Banjo Kazooie has 131 jiggies and 1 extra T.T. Trophy. Most likely, there were 15 challenges in Weird West. If there were 15 challenges in Weird west, there would be 150 Jiggies and no extra T.T.'s, which is a more even number, like the other games. The Inflatable sheep found in Banjoland were actually to be part of the Weird West. However, when the level was scrapped, the sheep were moved into Banjoland as part of a mission involving them escaping from the "Cut For Deadlines Room", referencing Weird West's eventual fate of being dropped due to time constraints. Also, it makes sense that Weird West would have its entry doors at the Seaside, seeing as the Seaside is the only part of Showdown Town without level entrances.

Banjo jeep

A concept image from Banjo Kazoomie with a "Wild West"-like background, further suggesting a western world setting.


Humba Wumba's concept art, showing her dressed in a sheriff's outfit.

Supposed Weird West Theme
When window pops up click open and wait for the music tune to load.

Sound play

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