Warp Pad

Warp Pads are pads that were introduced in Banjo-Tooie. Warp Pads can teleport the player to any other previously-visited pad in the same world. The worlds in Banjo-Tooie are significantly larger than the first game so Warp Pads are very useful to save time traveling between important sectiosn of the worlds.

Warp Pads are blue with a swirling image. When the player finds and touches one, the pad changes from transparent to active. After finding at least two Warp Pads in a world, the player can use them by pressing B button (N64) while standing on them, and choosing another active pad to warp to.


There are usually five Warp Pads in a world, and tend to appear at the world's entrance, near Humba Wumba's wigwam, and near Mumbo Jumbo's skull. There are only three worlds that don't have five Warp Pads:

Warp Pads reappear in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts as large golden pads only appearing in Showdown Town rather than in the worlds. Their function has not changed, but they can only be used while in a vehicle.

Users and restrictions

When the pads are active, almost anyone can use them. This includes Banjo and Kazooie (alone or together), Mumbo Jumbo, and nearly all of Wumba's transformations. However, there are a few exceptions:

Warp Pads tend to be optional; you almost always have the option to ignore them and walk the long way. However, Banjo-Tooie requires so much backtracking, and so many repeat visits to Mumbo's and Wumba's, that the Warp Pads provide a very important shortcut around annoyances and frustration.

There are at least a few cases where the Warp Pads are truly necessary, and provide the only way to reach a Jiggy.

  • In Terrydactyland, Banjo must use the Taxi Pack to carry the largest baby to Terry. Banjo has no way to climb the mountain, because he cannot use the Springy Step Shoes, so Banjo must go the easy way by warping to the top. If Banjo gets the baby pteradactl from inside the mountain last however, he doesn't need to use the warp pads, as he can go through the top exit to Terry's nest.
  • In Grunty Industries, the Warp Pads are the only way for Mumbo Jumbo to leave floor 3. Mumbo must warp because his Mumbo Pads are on floors 2 and 4.

Warp Pads also enable a few other tricks. For example, to rescue the Jinjo at the entrance to Terrydactyland, one must first grenade the switch on the pillar to open the cage. The presumably intended way to collect it is to use the world's Flight Pad, but one can also use the Springy Step Shoes found near Wumba's Wigmam to reach the Jinjo by using the Warp Pad to warp to the world entrance.

Locations and icons

Icons are the character's faces which appear to the left of the names of the places you want to go through the warp pads.


  • These pads are also used to keep enemies away.

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