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Treasure Trove Cove is the second of the nine worlds in Gruntilda's Lair which Banjo and Kazooie visit in Banjo-Kazooie. To get to the entrance of this level you first have to go up the ramp past the 50 note door, then go to the bottom through a doorway.

Points of Interest

Abilities Learned




  1. Top of the Lighthouse: At the very top of the world, sitting on top of the lighthouse. Can either be flown to directly or accessed by flying atop to the rock arch and climbing the rest of the way up.
  2. Rescue Blubber's Gold: Rescue the two pieces of Captain Blubber's gold, which are sunk in the wreckage of The Salty Hippo.
  3. Defeat Nipper: Defeat Nipper and enter his shell, finding the Jiggy inside. Nipper swings four times, then use Kazooie's Rat-a-tat Rap to hit Nipper's eyes. Do this three times to beat him (running at him with a Talon Trot makes the fight much easier).
  4. Defeat Little Lockup: Fly around the world, using Kazooie's Beak Bust on the giant red X's as they appear. At the end of the trail, Little Lockup appears, who has the Jiggy.
  5. Inside the Sandcastle: Inside the Sandcastle, it must be accessed by typing "BANJOKAZOOIE" on the floor. Defeat the Black Snippet who guards it.
  6. In the Arch's Lockup: In the large rock arch on the opposite side of the staircase to above the rock formation is a Lockup in an alcove. It contains the Jiggy.
  7. Across the Ledges: Next to a series of ladders are a series of ledges, the Jiggy is at the end of the trail.
  8. Across the Shock Spring Pads: Inside an alcove reached by the Shock Spring Jump chain.
  9. Under the Shrapnel: At the bottom of a pool of water at the top of a set of ladders. Guarded by a Shrapnel.
  10. Find the Jinjos: Find all 5 Jinjos.


  • Blue - In the sea, under the entrance platform.
  • Green - At the top of the pole above Captain Blubber's ship.
  • Orange - Is on a small pathway near a pond on an elevated area.
  • Purple - On one of the pillars in the Pillar area.
  • Yellow - On a palm tree on a hill at the bottom of the path leading to the Lighthouse.

Extra Honeycombs

  • Underwater between nippers beach and rock pool, in a corner of the island
  • On a box floating between the Spiral Tower and small island where Little Lockup appears.

Witch Switch

  • Located behind the Lighthouse. The Jiggy is shot from a cannon in the pirate room in Gruntilda's Lair, landing on the ship across from it.

Mumbo Tokens

  • Left from the starting point, in the shallow water behind Nipper's shell.
  • Above the molehill where you learn the Shock Spring Jump.
  • Under the lookout mast of The Salty Hippo. Climb to the top of the wooden pillar.
  • On one of the crates under the arch.
  • In one of the rock pools.
  • Two of them are in a Lockup near the rock pool stairs.
  • Behind the largest, tallest pillar in the pillar area.
  • On a crate below the deck of the The Salty Hippo.
  • In the entrance to the lighthouse on top of the arch.

Extra Lives

  • On the box floating next to Sharkfood Island.
  • In the water between the first gap in the path up the Spiral Tower.
  • In a little rock pool above the rock pool area.

Stop 'n' Swop

  • Pink Mystery Egg - The Pink Mystery Egg is in Sharkfood Island. You must enter in the proper code to get the island to rise to get the Pink Mystery Egg. Mumbo shows you the location when you get all 100 Jiggies.





  • According to Grant Kirkhope, the music in this world originally had "a sort of Beach Boys 'Wipe out' middle section to it". Chris Stamper didn't like it, so he had him change it.[1]
  • This level was originally called "Hammerhead Beach" in the beta but was changed to its current name before the final release.
  • This is one out of three worlds where a small Spring Jump Pad can be found. The other two being "Mad Monster Mansion" and "Click Clock Wood". They were reduced obviously due space restrictions.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Otakara Zakuzaku Biichi
Beach of Many Treasures
SpanishLlanura del Tesoro (BP)
La Ensenada del Tesoro Oculto (BKNB)
Treasury Plain
Treasure Trove Cove
FrenchBaie du TrésorTreasure Bay
GermanTreasure Trove CoveTreasure Trove Cove
ItalianL'isola del tesoroThe Island of Treasure


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