[[Category:Enemies that have 3 (1 with a Grenade Egg) hit-points]]

A Toxi-Klang is an enemy found in Grunty Industries in Banjo-Tooie. Similar to a Klang, it disguises itself as an inanimate steel barrel until it is approached by Banjo or Kazooie, at which point it springs to life and attacks.

Defeating a Toxi-Klang requires either three regular hits or one hit from a Grenade Egg. Upon defeat, Toxi-Klangs will leave behind a volatile floating green gas called a Toxi-Gag, which latches onto Banjo and Kazooie and drains them of their oxygen, and can also be released when the Toxi-Klang is still alive. They are often found in toxic waste areas of the world.

Regular Klangs are incapable of dispatching Toxi-Gags. Furthermore, Toxi-Klangs have a distinguished toxic warning symbol emblazoned on their barrels, whereas regular Klangs do not. They also have toxic waste dripping out of their lids.

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