Ticker's Tower, otherwise known as The Termite Mound, is a large tower found in Mumbo's Mountain. The only way to reach the top is by using the termite transformation to climb the slopes that are too smooth too climb with the Talon Trot. The residents of the mound are Tickers. There are Notes and a Mumbo Token inside the mound, and there is a Jiggy and a Golden Banjo Statue at the top of the tower.


  • The music in this area is actually the beta theme for Mumbo's Mountain.[1]
  • Whenever Banjo's in the area of Ticker's Tower, a high-pitched voice (presumably the Tickers) say "hup-two-three-four" along with the music. This should represent that the Tickers act like soldiers.
  • It is possible to climb the tower without the Termite transformation by utilising Banjo's jumps carefully.[2]


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