The Galley is a room found on The Rusty Bucket of Rusty Bucket Bay.

The room is essentially a large kitchen with many ovens, stoves, and other appliances. Inside the room, there are many useful items, including a Mumbo Token in one of the ovens and some musical notes. To obtain the Mumbo Token, Kazooie can use her Wonderwing ability to safely step into the oven. But, if Kazooie doesn't have any gold feathers and if Banjo is willing enough to burn himself, he can quickly jump into the oven and grab it. If Banjo foolishly chooses to burn himself, then Gruntilda will say: "Stupid bear, you'll have to learn, that red hot ovens tend to burn."

There is also a Grille Chompa inside an open fridge guarding some blue eggs.

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