A Seemee is a transparent fish that can be found nearly everywhere throughout the waters of Jolly Roger's Lagoon. Unlike other enemies, they cannot harm Banjo and Kazooie, nor do they even attempt to pursue them. Likewise, Banjo and Kazooie are also unable to attack them. Each Seemee contains a random item that can be collected by passing through it with Kazooie's Talon Torpedo.

There are a total of five Seemees spread across the level, each one containing a different item. The items they include range from: Eggs, Feathers, an Extra Honeycomb, a Cheato Page, and a Jiggy. The placement of each item is random for each save file, meaning that a Seemee in Atlantis in one file may contain a Jiggy, but in another save file it may contain a nest of Eggs.


  • Seemee is a derived from the words see and me, referring to its transparency.

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