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Quarrie the Boulders are enemies found in Spiral Mountain in Banjo-Kazooie. They are boulders who are one of four different training enemies at the start of the game. The other three are Topper, Bawl, and Colliwobble. Their main purpose is to aid Bottles in teaching Banjo and Kazooie the Beak Barge ability. This large, brown enemy is different from the other training enemies on Spiral Mountain in that it does not move and cannot injure the player.

Once Banjo and Kazooie smash all four Quarries in Spiral Mountain for the first time, the last one will drop an Extra Honeycomb Piece.

Quarrie, Topper, Bawl and Colliwobble were arrested by the "rubbish video game character police" according to Rare.


  • Quarrie is often (understandably) mistaken by players to be a potato due to the fact that all of the other training enemies in Spiral Mountain are vegetables.
  • Quarrie and Beehive are the only enemies of Banjo Kazooie that don't move and don't hurt Banjo and Kazooie

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