Officer Unogopaz is a large tiger-like Moggy who poses as the Kickball Stadium's guard in Mayahem Temple in Banjo-Tooie. He makes sure that no one but Stonies can get in to play kickball.

Banjo and Kazooie try to get in to play kickball, but Unogopaz doesn't let them since the game's tickets were all sold out when they were playing the first game. Banjo tries to plead with the officer to let him and Kazooie in, but again his "no" stands firm. When Kazooie tries to use the method of bribery, Unogopaz gets angry at the idea saying, "How dare you!".

Once Banjo transforms into a Stony, Unogopaz still sees through his disguise, but lets him pass since there is a shortage of other Stony players in the kickball game.


  • The name "Unogopaz" sounds similar to "You no go past", referencing Unogopaz's job as a guard.
  • Officer Unogopaz is apparently the only character to recognize Banjo while transformed. Banjo himself denies this, but he is not fooled (especially once Kazooie says something).
  • It is impossible to kick him as the Golden Goliath.


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