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Mad Monster Mansion is the seventh world Banjo and Kazooie visit in Banjo-Kazooie. The entrance to this world is located in the Graveyard section of Gruntilda's Lair ; this area is past the "Lava Room" on the sixth floor of Gruntilda's Lair. Its picture is located on the seventh floor, specifically the third room you enter through underwater passages. The picture requires 10 Jiggies to complete. 

Points of Interest

Abilities Learned

  • None




  1. Enter the Well: A Jiggy is located inside the well. This Jiggy is accessible as Banjo or the Pumpkin transformation. 
  2. Copy Motzand's Tune: Gain access to the church by Beak Busting a clock switch near the Blue Jinjo's location and running to the entrance before the door closes. You will need to equip the pair of Turbo Trainers and break down the gate leading into the churchyard to enter the chruch. Once inside, climb up to the organ's scoresheet and Motzand will begin playing keys on his organ. Beak Bust the keys he plays in the order he plays them and after 2 sessions, he will dissipate and a Jiggy will apear at the top of the organ. 
  3. Inside the shed, move onto each letter to form the word "BANJOKAZOOIE". (See Spell Out BANJOKAZOOIE with Tumblar)
  4. Drop eggs into all the plant pots in the Church's graveyard to receive it.
  5. At the top of the church tower. (Use the gravestone near the entrance to get up.)
  6. Climb the mansion and jump into the chimney. Then jump across the chairs and onto the table and walk through Napper to get the Jiggy. Landing on the floor would wake Napper up and guards the Jiggy, meaning the player would have to re-enter the room through the chimney.
  7. Go into the cellar through a trapdoor outside the mansion. Smash the last barrel on the left to find the Jiggy.
  8. Inside Loggo the toilet. Reach him by smashing the windows on top of the mansion. Then go to him as a pumpkin and jump inside.
  9. Near the church, there is a small gap in the hedges which only the pumkin can fit through. Through the gap is a hedge ramp that allows you to walk onto the mansion's roof. Once on the roof, walk around the edge of the roof until you find a hole in the pipe. Stand on top of it to fall in. Before touching the bottom of the barrel, the pumpkin will collect the Jiggy hovering in the air that the pumpkin couldn't reach from the bottom.
  10. Find all 5 Jinjos.


  • Blue - On the fountain. Use the Shock Spring Pad.
  • Green - on top of house on small chimney
  • Orange - At the far corner of the maze.
  • Purple - In one of the barrels in the cellar.
  • Yellow - On the top of Gruntilda's bed. Use the Shock Spring Pad.

Extra Honeycombs

  • As a pumpkin, search under the floorboards of a room on the middle floor.
  • On the top wooden railings of the inside of the church.

Witch Switch

  • Inside the church, fly up onto the rafters. A Jiggy appears in the eye of Grunty's statue in the large room with cobwebs.

Mumbo Tokens

  • In the Hedge Maze
  • On top of Tumblar's Shack
  • In the left fire flame inside the Dining Room's fireplace.
  • In one of the 1881 barrels in the Cellar
  • In the Well
  • By a gravestone by the Haunted Church
  • On top of the Church
  • In the Bathroom
  • In one of the Bedrooms
  • High atop the inside of the Church

Extra Lives

  • On top of the chandelier in the Dining Room. After you get the Jiggy from inside the giant green ghost, use the Flight Pad to reach it.
  • In the Haunted Church, after collecting the Jiggy that Motzand awards you, fall behind the pipes on top of the organ.
  • Outside the Haunted Church, go into the window with the faces Banjo and Kazooie. Jump inside to find an extra life in front of picture monster.

Stop 'n' Swop

  • Green Mystery Egg - On top of Loggo.
  • Cyan Mystery Egg - In a passage behind a wine cask. It is sealed with an "X". Enter the code, and the lid dissapears.




Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts

Mad Monster Mansion Exhibit

Mad Monster Mansion Exhibit

Though it does not physically appear, an incomplete replica of the mansion appears in the third world, Banjoland, along with it's own graveyard. It's nature of incompleteness is also referenced by Bottles, as in one of the missions, you were supposed to complete the mansion exhibit by lifting the pieces with the wrench and placing them on the square shaped white patch. However, this was ultimately scrapped and an air race took its place instead. He even states that the delivery van that had mailed the parts had accidentally emptied them into Loggo and they went straight to the Cut For Deadlines Room.

Banjoland Info

"Spine-tingling area of Banjo-Kazooie where our heroes met Loggo, a dozing ghost called Napper and an organ-playing spectral hand named Motzand. Was it Grunty's holiday home? Who knows?"


  • This is the only world in Banjo-Kazooie that contains two Stop 'n' Swop items: the Green Mystery Egg and the Cyan Mystery Egg.
  • When Grunty is kidnapping Tooty, this stage's music can be heard sped up.
  • The church in Mad Monster Mansion is modeled after the real church in Twycross (the home base of Rare).
  • Mad Monster Mansion's entrance in the beta version of the game was thought to be opposite Freezeezy Peak, behind Gobi's Valley or in the water level raising room.
  • Because of the way the Flower Urns talk, people often mistakenly hear the pots say something else of vulgar nature. Rareware has mentioned that this is untrue and that the pots merely say "Thank you". Grant Kirkhope, the voice actor of the urns, confirmed this on a special episode of "Game Grumps", called "Guest Grumps", on YouTube. He also stated that it took many takes before the current utterance of "Thank you" was accepted as being clearly audible.[1]
  • Some portraits in this world featured the Pirate, Captain Blackeye who was the original villain for Project Dream before it became Banjo-Kazooie.
  • The sticker on the front of the Banjo-Kazooie game cartridge appears to be set in Mad Monster Mansion
  • The music for this level was originaly going to be in Project Dream under the title "Bully". Parts of it also were to be in the piece "Chase"
  • This is one out of three worlds where a small Spring Jump Pad can be found. The other two being "Treasure Trove Cove" and "Click Clock Wood". They were reduced obviously due space restrictions.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Maddo Naito Mansyon
Mad Night Mansion
SpanishLa Mansión del Monstruo LocoThe Mansion of Crazy Monsters
FrenchManoir du Monstre MalsainUnhealthy Monster Manor
GermanMad Monster MansionMad Monster Mansion
ItalianIl Maniero del MostroMonster Mansion


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