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 Gobi's Valley is the sixth world accessed from Gruntilda's Lair in Banjo-Kazooie. This level features three pyramids, a sphinx, and even a giant golden Kazooie statue. This is the first of two levels (the other being Click Clock Wood), to feature Gobi, a camel who ends up hating you as you use the Beak Buster on his hump and take his stuff.

In this world, Bottles teaches the bear and bird how to use the Turbo Trainers for the Turbo Talon Trot. This ends up being the final move learned in the game.

Points of Interest

Moves Learned




  1. Grab the Jiggy from Grabba using the Turbo Trainers (or Beak Bomb).
  2. There is a pyramid with a switch on top, press it then run inside and finish the matching game.
  3. Get the sand tomb to flood, then shoot eggs in the mini sphinx's mouths. Go inside the newly risen pyramid and race to the end of the maze.
  4. Find Gobi and destroy the rock he is tied up to.
  5. After the previous Jiggy, go to the world entrance and Beak Bust Gobi. Then climb the nearest palm tree, use the Feathery Flap to get on top of Trunker and retrieve the Jiggy.
  6. Jump on a pair of cacti to spit eggs in Jinxy's nose. Then go inside and shoot eggs to raise carpets and climb to the top.
  7. Fly through all of The Ancient One's rings. The Jiggy will appear on Jinxy's back near the Flight Pad.
  8. Beak Bomb the Kazooie target, then go inside to talk with Rubee and lay eggs into the spinning basket. Climb up Histup to reach the Jiggy.
  9. Use the Turbo Trainers and stand on a switch, run inside and collect the Jiggy. This will flood the sand tomb.
  10. Find all 5 Jinjos.


  • Blue - Swim down into the sandpit when it floods with water.
  • Green - Behind the pyramid with a honeycomb switch on it.
  • Orange - In the sphinx raise the first magic carpet by spitting eggs in the sphinx head,then look behind you.
  • Purple - Go to the pharaoh's tomb and jump in a vase.
  • Yellow - Behind starting point on a rock.

Extra Honeycombs

  • Inside a Cactus (taken in flight), after hitting the switch behind one of the pyramids.
  • In Gobi, in the third spot he appears.

Witch Switch

  • Inside King Sandybutt's maze. Opens a sarcophagus near the giant pot. Use the Shock Spring Pad to reach the Jiggy.

Mumbo Tokens

  • Above the sphinx's nose.
  • Within Kazooie's Temple.
  • At the end of Sandybutt's maze in a pot.
  • In memory match pyramid.
  • On the exit of ziggurat.
  • In the corner left of the sphinx.
  • On the surface of the water inside the Ziggurat (unless you are skilled with jumping, you will not be able to reach it once the water drains).

Extra Lives

  • Behind the sphinx in the corner (use Wading Boots)
  • In the maze in King Sandybutt's Tomb
  • On top of the Water Pyramid (the one you have to hurry to get inside)

Stop 'n' Swop

  • Blue Mystery Egg - The Blue Mystery Egg is in a room in the back of Gobi's Valley near Gobi's third hiding spot. You must hit the switch to open the sarcophagus, revealing the Egg.





Nothing (Boss)

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

King Sandybutt's Tomb appears in Banjoland as its own segment, and is connected to parts of Clanker and the Freezeezy Peak snowman. As stated in the information below, it was torn out of Gobi's Valley by L.O.G to use in Banjoland, and it is quite clear that King Sandybutt was not pleased. This also proves that King Sandybutt is still alive, and he may have moved elsewhere.

Banjoland Info

"Pyramid. This pyramid was torn out of Gobi's Valley in Banjo-Kazooie, much to the chagrin of its owner, King Sandybutt. L.O.G decided to bring it back to exploit its handy sloping sides."


Gobi's Valley is a track in Banjo-Pilot is based off of Gobi's Valley. There are several pyramids that can be seen in the background as well as Jinxy. Gobi can also be seen on the course as an obstacle.


King Sandybutt's Tomb Exhibit

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Gobi Barei Sabaku
Gobi's Desert Valley
SpanishEl Valle de Gobi (BKNB)Gobi's Valley
FrenchVallée de GobiGobi's valley
GermanGobi's ValleyGobi's Valley
ItalianLa Valle di GobiGobi's Valley


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