Dilberta the Mole is a mole who is a friend to the prospector Bullion Bill of Glitter Gulch Mine.

Dilberta is originally found in the Prison Compound of Mayahem Temple. Banjo and Kazooie must help rescue her from the prison by clearing a large rock out of her path and help her return to Bullion Bill in Glitter Gulch Mine. As a reward for saving her, the duo receive a Jiggy.

If you have used Humba Wumba 's transformation, the Stony at the entrance to the Prison Compound will tell you the sequence that the buttons must be pressed in order to open the door Dilberta is locked behind.


  • Dilberta Geeta (commonly refered to as Geeta (Dilberta)) is an Asian elephant that was alive during the time of the development of Banjo Tooie and may have inspired the name of the character.


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