Motzand is located in Mad Monster Mansion, in the church. Motzand will be on the organ. To start the mini-game, you must climb the organ to meet Motzand. Then Motzand will press keys on the organ, which you must mimic to complete the mini-game. You'll need to Beak Buster the keys. You can press them as soon as you have initiated the mini-game. You must copy two songs to win the Jiggy.

The first song consists of 5 notes: G, D, C#, A (down), F (up).

The second song consists 10 notes: A#, F# (up), D#, A (down), D, C#, A, F (up), B, D#

The order of the notes to be played is illustrated in the picture below:  


The order of the notes played in Motzand's mini-game

If you press the wrong key you will take 1 point of damage. You can then press the correct key and continue the mini-game (without restarting).

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