Cauldron Keep is the ninth and final world found in Banjo-Tooie that features the Tower of Tragedy Quiz, save Bottles and King Jingaling. Gruntilda appears in this world as the final boss.

The entrance is found on a ledge in Quagmire, Isle O' Hags and is accessible from either climbing a pole or using Claw Clamber Boots to climb the cliff. The latter is required first, as the switch for the Shock Spring Pad needed to reach the pole is located at the cliff itself. After Gruntilda's Lair had been blocked and abandoned by the witches, Cauldron Keep became their new lair. The entrance to the castle interior is surrounded by a moat of plasma and the main entrance is blocked by blue lasers. The duo must split up and step foot on the buttons to activate the bridge and disable the lasers. The Tower of Tragedy Quiz game is found when first entering the castle. Another door inside leads upstairs to the Gun Chamber, where the duo must use the B.O.B. to restore Bottles and King Jingaling. In the Gun Chamber, the opening where the B.O.B.'s beam blaster is leads to the top of the tower, where a door that requires a number of Jiggies leads to a lift that leads to a glass dome at the very top, where Hag-1 is found. The duo must destroy Hag-1 and defeat Gruntilda.

Banjo and Kazooie must have seventy Jiggies total to fight Gruntilda.

Points of Interest





Empty Honeycombs


Train Switch





  • It's not actually necessary to deactivate the laser mesh, as you can just jump through the gaps instead.
  • In Cauldron Keep, there are no stairs going up, but Banjo and Kazooie must climb down stairs to enter the B.O.B. Chamber.
  • Kazooie again breaks the Fourth Wall upon entering the Gatehouse. When Banjo notes that there's no one there, Kazooie replies that the music has changed (to the boss music) and that they always end up in a fight when that happens. She proves right, as Klungo literally drops in seconds later.
  • On the right side of the entrance to the world, a sign that says "Cauldron Keep Secret Exit" is seen. This means that the area Banjo and Kazooie enter the world from is not the actual entrance. However, it is unknown where the real entrance would be.
  • This level has an equivalent in Donkey Kong 64 named Hideout Helm.
  • This level was originally going to be a fuller world like the other 8 levels in the game (see Castle World), however, was simplified to Cauldron Keep due to time constraints

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Majo no Oshiro
Witch's Fortess
SpanishTorre del CalderoCauldron Keep
FrenchForteresse ChaudronCauldron Fortress
GermanHexenkesselkerkerWitch Cauldron Dungeon
ItalianTorre CalderoneCauldron Tower

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