The Bumper Physics Glitch is a glitch with the vehicle physics engine of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. If a vehicle is heavy enough and has Bumpers, light objects that hit the Bumpers will be knocked far away. The force of the bounce is determined by how much heavier the Vehicle is than the object that hit the Bumper. If the object being pushed is against a thin wall, it will enter the wall. If the object is Banjo, this can be used as an out of bounds glitch similar to the Grenade Turret Trick.

How to get out of bounds

This can be used anywhere there is a wall.

  • First, make a very heavy vehicle, without wheels and with Bumpers.
  • Second, place the vehicle's Bumpers against a wall.
  • Third, move between the Bumpers and the wall.
  • Fourth, walk to the Bumpers. If done correctly, Banjo will quickly break into the wall (and possibly fall to the reset zone and the level will reset.)

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