The Bubblegloop Swamp Picture is a picture consisted of Jiggies, seen in Banjo-Kazooie. Seven Jiggies are required to complete this puzzle, to open the door to Bubblegloop Swamp. From this picture and forth, Bottles does not help you with the puzzles, because he had already taught you what do to in the first picture, second picture, and the third picture. After this puzzle is completed, a scene shows a door opening on a hut, and a sign that says Bubblegloop Swamp appears.

What to Do

  • To add a Jiggy press A button (N64)
  • To remove a Jiggy, before all Jiggies are placed, press C down button (N64)
  • To fill in all the empty Jiggy spaces, press Z button (N64)

Worlds Involved

See Also

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