Blubber's Waveracer Hire is an area in Jolly Roger's Lagoon in Banjo-Tooie. It is a shop owned by Captain Blubber that sells waveracers. If you talk to him, he will explain how his business isn't going well. You can buy his last possession for 1 Doubloon, which is a crate. After buying it, he will run out of his store happily. If you destroy the crate, you will find that it contains Turbo Trainers. They can be used to get the Jinjo across the lagoon. Another point of interest is the Jinjo located high in the rafters.

Merry Maggie Malpass, a character who works at Jolly's in the same world, actually rented one of Captain Blubber's waveracers and then got swallowed by the big fish that you later save her from.

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