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The Bikini Girl, as she is unofficially known, is a minor character in Banjo-Kazooie who only appears during the ending sequence. The "Bikini Girl" walks across the sand at a beach (believed to be a recycled piece of Hammerhead Beach) holding a tray of fruit containing a bunch of bananas, what appears to be a coconut and two large watermelons. The "Bikini Girl" appears during the scene where Mumbo Jumbo shows Banjo and Kazooie his secret pictures of the game's legendary Stop 'n' Swop items. It is believed that she was to be part of the scrapped Hammerhead Beach area, but it is unknown whether this is true.


She is a young woman with blond hair (in a style resembling that of Gruntilda after the Game Over), a tanned complexion, green eyes, and is clad in a red two-piece bikini.



  • An unused music track titled "Babe" is believed to have once been meant for her. Though Grant Kirkhope stated he had no idea what the theme was for.

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