Big Al is a rhinoceros who serves burgers in Witchyworld. He will give Banjo and Kazooie a burger if they ask him. Unfortunately, his burger stand has only earned one star because he usually coughs and steps on his burgers while he is making them. He once claimed to have been working in the restrooms, and doesn't really know how he got his job selling burgers, causing Banjo to "lose his appetite all of a sudden." According to the information signpost outside of his booth, his burgers are made with 100% meat of rodent origin, topped with a synthetic cheese slice. When his joint is opened up, he is considering putting the burger back on the grill, thinking that the "punters" will never know, until he realizes that his booth opened up. Presumably, the burger fell from the grill and onto the ground. If Banjo gets one of the burgers from Big Al, he'll also ask if he wants fries with that, before admitting that he doesn't sell them and directs them to Salty Joe to get them before giving it to him. He then states he's all out and claims he'll root around for more, although Banjo tells him that there may have been one under his left foot (presumably the same one that he dropped earlier), with Big Al denying seeing it.


  • Big Al's Burgers have a one star rating. Most likely due to bad hygiene.
  • Also, a very famous Allosaurus is called Big Al.


  • I'll just pop it back on the grill, and the punters will never know... Ulp, I've been rumbled!
  • Big Al: Fancy a burger? Big Al sells the tastiest burgers in Witchyworld!
  • Kazooie: Urrgh! How on earth did you get a job in catering?
  • Big Al: Well, I'm not sure really. I used to clean out the toilets...
  • Banjo: I've lost my appetite all of a sudden.
  • Big Al: Go on and give 'em a try. I've got a few left - do you want 'em?

(When you ask for a burger):

  • Kazooie: Give me some burgers, Al!
  • Big Al: Okay Kid, burgers coming right up. You want fries with that?
  • Banjo: Ooooh, yes, please!
  • Big Al: Well, too bad. Burgers is all I got. Go see Salty Joe!

(gives Banjo and Kazooie some burgers)

  • Big Al: What? I've got no more burgers left! Better root around for some more...
  • Banjo: I think there's one just under your left foot...
  • Big Al: Where? I can't see it...